WATCH: Father Attacks Man In Target When He Catches Him Snapping Photos Of His Daughter

This pervert thought he got away with snapping pics of a young girl but he was wrong. In a video that was captured by Target, you see the nasty man taking pictures of a young girl who is looking at makeup.


The young girl obviously told her father what was happening and that is when the fun ensued.



Here is more from Daily Wire:

In a show of true manhood, a father confronted a pervert who had taken photos up the father’s daughter’s skirt while shopping at Target.

Obtained surveillance footage from the New York Post shows a man maneuvering his way around a Target store to take photos underneath women’s skirts. Later on, the father to one of these women confronts him by kicking the phone from his hand and knocking him to the ground.

“You messed with the wrong family,” said Ismael Duarte, the father told the man before chasing him away.



Though the pervert escaped, Mr. Duarte did capture a photograph of the man’s car as he drove away. Police have now arrested 29-year-old Jorge A. Ibarra Jr. as the potential suspect. He has been charged with invasion of privacy.


I have to admit that this father was much more poised then I would have been, but I am glad he was caught.




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