Man Suffers From Relentless Pain In His Rectum, Doctors Shocked By Their Finding

On June 2 BMJ Case Reports published a report about an unnamed 47-year-old man who inserted a drinking glass into his anus. The glass was stuck in his rectum and it broke after he tried to remove it. Physical examination shows that there is no indication of abdominal guarding or bleeding from his rectum. To check the existence of the glass they have performed abdominal and pelvic X-rays. It shows that glass was approximately 3 inches by 2 inches in size.

According to Daily Mail, the man reportedly told the doctors that for the pleasure he inserted the glass into his anus. The patient is believed to be from Milan, Italy. The man sought medical attention after two days of having the glass inserted into his anus. Although he is not in pain, the man sought medical help because he was concerned about his safety. The result of his X-ray showed the glass in his rectum, bottom-side facing up.

The man who has cocaine abuse in the past has undergone surgery. To insert an examination device, the doctors opened the man’s anus to widen the passage. The glass sharp fragments were removed and to extract the remaining piece of the glass the doctors use forceps.

According to Daily Mail, after the fragments were removed, the patient complains of the abdominal pain. However, the patient did complain of abdominal pain, signifies that there are still fragment left on his rectum but the doctors have found no pieces were left over.

Psychiatric help was offered by the doctors to the man, but he declined and the day after the surgery he was released from the hospital the day. After three months he has fully recovered from the surgery.

Doctors reported that it is not uncommon that objects becoming stuck in the rectum: “A variety of objects impacted in the rectum have been described: bottles, sex toys, vegetables, etc. Generally, patients with rectal foreign bodies (RFB) try to retrieve the objects by themselves because of shame and embarrassment to seek medical care, but the majority fail in these attempts and eventually present to the emergency room.”

Article Sources: cookingpanda, Daily Mail and BMJ

Photo Credit: cookingpanda

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