There’s A Reason You Should NEVER Tailgate And This Is The PROOF [VIDEO]

In video footage of a recent bumper-to-bumper traffic situation in a construction zone on a Williamsburg, Virginia highway, a number of cars followed too closely while going way too fast.

The first two vehicles get in an accident, which sets off a chain reaction pileup as the left lane string of cars rams into one another. The third car in line was slammed so hard, they veered into the right lane into the path of a semi.


A truck driver behind the whole scene captured the accident on his dashboard camera. At first, cars and trucks are spaced out, but then the situation turns a little tighter. He moves to the left lane but immediately gets back in the right as he sees the situation begin to get dicey ahead.


A little expletive describes the jerky drivers ahead (hey, we’ve all been there), and the driver with the camera obviously starts to distance himself from the traffic ahead.


About a minute and a half or so in, you can see the cars really giving no attention to that whole “maintain a safe distance” guideline and at 1:56 things start to go awry.


Watch the video below:


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