Feinstein had a Chinese spy employed for over 20 years as her driver.

As CBS breaks this news they are trying to downplay this as old news that happened 5 years ago. CBS also states that the spy was just reporting back on “local politics.” 20 years working by Senator Diane Feinstein’s side and all the spy did was report back to China about California politics… Okay…

Investigators even claim that the mole did not leak anything of “substance” and Feinstein had him retire as soon as she found out. Wow, 20 years of spying and he didn’t leak anything of substance??

On top of this, they never fired him, he was just “forced” to retire. Could you imagine if this was anyone in the Trump administration?

Another fishy occurrence during the spy’s time with Feinstein is the Chinese governments dismantling of CIA spying operations in their country.

This started in 2010 while the Chinese mole was right by Feinstein’s side. The Chinese government killed or imprisoned over 12 sources in the span of 2 years.

This was one of the worst intelligence breaches America has had in decades. Some intelligence officers in Washington were sure that there was a mole within the CIA.

Hmmm… AND Feinstein was chairing the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence at this time.

Watch more below:

They hid this story about Senator Feinstein having her own personal Chinese mole working for her for almost 20 years. They kept it out of the public eye for five years! Why are we just hearing about this today?

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