Sources In The Chicago Police Dept Now Tell CNN Smollett Attack Is A Hoax

CNN has reported that Chicago Police sources have told them that they believeJussie Smollett paid the two men to stag the attack.

Two law enforcement sources with knowledge of the investigation told CNN that Chicago Police believe Jussie Smollett paid two men to orchestrate the assault.

The brothers, who were arrested Wednesday, were released without charges Friday after Chicago police cited the discovery of “new evidence.” The sources told CNN that the two men are now cooperating fully with law enforcement.

Smollett told authorities he was attacked early January 29 by two men who were “yelling out racial and homophobic slurs.” He said one attacker put a rope around his neck and poured an unknown chemical substance on him.

The sources told CNN that there are records that show the two brothers purchased the rope found around Smollett’s neck at an Ace Hardware store in Chicago.

It is getting close to being all over for “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett and his scam.

Rafer Weigel, an Emmy award-winning anchor/reporter at Fox 32 Chicago, reported something shocking.

“Several #CPD sources confirmed detectives were able to show the 2 Nigerian brothers questioned by police had purchased the rope found around Smollett’s neck at an Ace hardware,” he said.

“The brothers agreed to cooperate with police who are investigating whether Smollett made up the story after police threatened to charge them with battery.

“The brothers attorney said both brothers knew Smollett. There are unconfirmed reports that Smollett paid the two brothers to perform the alleged scheme,” he said.

[email protected] Police say even after the Nigerian brothers release and despite ‘new evidence’ from their interrogation #JussieSmollett is still being called a ‘victim’ in this case,” he said.

But as we were writing this story new news broke in the case which Weigel confirmed.

“Latest from @AJGuglielmi, Chicago police spokesman. He just told me on the phone: ‘After we spoke to the former suspects last night, detectives reached out to Jussie Smolletts’s attorneys and expressed interest that we need to talk to him again,’” Sopan Deb of The New York Times reported.



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