VIDEO: Eerie Drone Footage Of Decayed and Abandoned Nuclear City Of Chernobyl Finally Revealed

British filmmaker Danny Cook was on assignment earlier this year for the popular tv show 60 minutes on CBS News. He was placed right in the middle of an area that is well-known for being one of the most catastrophic and dangerous places in the world. A place that will have traces of radiation for another 20,000 years to come! Of course, I am talking about Chernobyl and the town of Pripyat, Ukraine. Cook required a guide and a dosimeter Geiger counter. He grabbed his drone and headed into the most dangerous place he’s ever been. The footage he captured is absolutely incredible. Take a look at the full video of the drone in Chernobyl below.

Rare Drone Footage of the Decayed and Abandoned Nuclear City Of Chernobyl Revealed

Armed with a dosimeter Geiger counter to let him know when he was too close to danger, he was guided into one of the most contaminated areas of the world. 

He brought a drone to capture images that would otherwise be too dangerous to capture. 

The footage that was captured shows an entire town, completely isolated, desolate and lonely. Because Danny Cook was able to bring his drone, he takes us into areas that would cause serious health issues to any person. 



Watch the amazing footage captured by Danny Cook’s drone in Chernobyl. 


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