Obama Named In a FEDERAL LAWSUIT For The Deaths He Caused: HE’S GOING DOWN!

It has been known for years that the Black Lives Matter movement is a dangerous organization.  They are the modern day equivalent of The Black Panther Party that was such a dangerous group in the 60’s and 70’s. For years the BLM movement was promoted and funded by some very rich and powerful people including George Soros and race baiters such as Al Sharpton and the infamous Jesse Jackson. Barack Obama’s policies while President also encouraged young black people to join together and attack whites across the country. BLM was a contributing factor in the 2015 burning and rioting of Baltimore that left the city in complete turmoil.

Now two years later, people are starting to wise up to the dangerous BLM group, and people are now seeing the true dangers this homegrown terrorist group poses. Obama may have been a supporter in the past but may now want to distance himself from them, however, it might be too little too late. Americans are getting fed up with the killing of police officers and are seeking justice for the men that serve and protect us each and every day. A conservative activist, former prosecutor Larry Klayman has recently filed a lawsuit against some major players in the Obama administration all the way up to the head honcho himself, Barack Obama. This will serve them right!

According to Top Secret Leaks:

Former prosecutor Larry Klayman is sick and tired of the cop-killing and extreme animosity towards police. He recently filed a lawsuit against a group of defendants that he believes are responsible for instigating the hateful crime spree. Some of the people named in the lawsuit are extremely well-known, and conservatives have been trying to hold these guys responsible for years. Former President Barack Obama, his former Attorney General Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, and Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam are all under attack in the lawsuit. His claim is that all of the men have “incited violence and in fact have a direct link to what happened in Dallas.”

The lawsuit specifically claims that every single one of these men have violated law enforcement officers’ civil rights. They are also being charged with aiding and abetting murder, in addition to promoting terrorism. If these scumbags are found guilty they will be forced to pay a grand total of $2 billion in damages, which doesn’t even begin to fix all of the damage they have done. Too many lives have been taken at the hands of Black Lives Matter members, and $2 billion doesn’t replace even one of the lives taken from us.

The issues going on today can be traced back to the very beginning of Obama’s presidency. He consistently forced the matter of racism in the United States, causing blacks to become extremely angry and wreak havoc all over the country. Klayman maintained that Obama and his allies worked extremely hard to challenge law enforcement, claiming police brutality whenever they could in order to inspire Black Lives Matter members to attack our men and women in blue. Obama actually went so far as to call police who responded to an incident that Henry Louis Gates Jr. was involved in “stupid.” He even met with the most violent anti-police leaders of the Black Lives Matter group.

Barack Obama left us knowing for a fact that his loyalties lie with the most racist groups in America. The statement Klayman gave explains the lawsuit in detail:

“The defendants…have publicly incited people to violence with the fiction that police officers and other law enforcement are intentionally and systematically targeting and hunting blacks and other minorities to kill them for no reason other than racism or sport.”

Klayman’s statement explains that all of the hate towards police in America is totally unfair and completely unjustified. There is no evidence supporting the claims that police have been actively targeting blacks. It seems as though the black community involved in all of the violence towards law enforcement is the real group of extreme racists. Klayman asserts that it’s not a big surprise that former Army reservist Micah Johnson actually expressed a craving to kill white law enforcement members after two highly-publicized deaths of blacks “at the hands” of the police.

The lawsuit explains that the defendants have encouraged “immediate violence and severe bodily injury or death” multiple times to be brought upon law enforcement officers throughout the nation over the years.

“Defendants are encouraging disaffected blacks and black Muslims to ignore, disrespect and assault law enforcement officials, and commit violence and lethal force, “the lawsuit states.

It has taken long enough and it is about time the Obama Administration answers for their numerous crimes they committed over the past 8 years that left our country so bitterly divided. There will soon be no place to hide for Obama as the walls appear to be closing in on him. What did he expect? Did he really think that the American people would stand by and watch our country be torn to shreds? We are a nation of fighters and will not back down against the tyranny that Obama was responsible for. The only way many of us fed-up Americans are going to be satisfied is when Obama and his cronies have locked away. Watch out Obama, we are coming for you! 

H/T [ Top Secret Leaks ]

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