Former Obama Border Chief Tears Apart Democrat’s Wall Claims

Mark Morgan, the head of the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol under former President Barack Obama just tore apart Democrat’s claims about our southern border, the wall and Trump’s declaration of an emergency, as the Daily Caller reports:

Former President Barack Obama’s Border Patrol chief blamed the disagreement surrounding the border wall on identity politics, during a Friday night interview with Brian Kilmeade on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Mark Morgan was on Carlson’s show to discuss President Donald Trump’s decision to declare a state of emergency in order to reallocate funds toward constructing a wall along the southern border. Trump received $1.375 billion from the bill that he signed, and intends to dedicate an around $6.5 billion more from other agencies.

“Mark Morgan is the former head of the border patrol. And he’s heard the rhetoric, but he knows the reality. Mark, is the president making up an emergency?” Kilmeade asked.

“Absolutely not,” Morgan responded. “Brian, this is part of the frustration for those of us from a law enforcement, border security perspective. How many more statistics do we have to provide? How many more factually based examples do we have to provide? How many more angel families have to stand in front of some of these individuals before they finally say, ‘Yeah, okay, this is real.’ It’s just incredulous.”

Watch the whole thing:

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