Teen Thug FINALLY Arrested After Brutally Beating An Elderly Man Over MAGA Hat

New Jersey police have arrested a teenager in the vicious beating of an 81-year-old man who wore a Make America Great Again hat.

The elderly victim was walking outside of a ShopRite supermarket in Elizabeth, N.J., when the teen confronted him over the hat.

When the man attempted to walk away that is when 19-year-old Ryan M. Salvagno assaulted him, N.J.com reported.

Authorities said Wednesday an arrest was made in the assault of an 81-year-old man, who was attacked over the “Make America Great Again” hat he was wearing outside a supermarket.

The victim was leaving a ShopRite on Elizabeth Avenue in Franklin Township he was confronted by 19-year-old Ryan M. Salvagno about his hat, according to the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office.

The two had a brief exchange of words about the hat before the older man tried to leave around 3:25 p.m. Monday, authorities said.

“As the victim turned to walk away, defendant Salvagno was able to grab the victim’s hat and the two struggled for sole possession of the hat,” Michael H. Robertson, the prosecutor on the case said.

“Salvagno then took the victim by the arm and threw him to the ground, tipping over the victim’s cart of groceries and ultimately throwing the hat to the side,” he said.

Authorities charged Salvagno, of Somerset, with disorderly persons offenses of assault and harassment. Police did not disclose how they identified the alleged attacker.



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