DISGUSTING: Pro-Abortion Activist Receives Girl Scouts Prestigious Award

One of the more depressing signs of how far contemporary society has fallen is the way even the most seemingly-innocent staples of our culture have been corrupted.

Take the Girl Scouts, for example. Those cute kids selling delicious cookies door-to-door don’t just finance youth programs that teach girls the value of community service anymore. Rather, the Girl Scouts organization supports some of the most insidious leftist causes in the country.

This week, Breitbart highlighted a number of recent examples compiled by the watchdogs at MyGirlScoutCouncil.com, including a profile on Meghna Gopalan, a high-school sophomore who won the organization’s prestigious Gold Award. The award, which “is the most prestigious award in the world for girls,” is obtained by identifying an issue, “investigat[ing] it thoroughly,” and developing and carrying out a plan to act on it.

And what was Meghna’s issue?

Describe your Gold Award project: I’m planning on hosting an event to educate people about and de-stigmatize access to women’s healthcare. I’ve been working with El Rio Reproductive Health Access Project, and they offered ideas on reproductive health justice which would broaden the scope of the project a little bit. I got interested in the topic with the Supreme Court nomination of [Brett] Kavanaugh…

You’re involved with the Tucson Women’s March media committee. Tell us how you got involved. I got involved with Tucson Women’s March when trying to make contacts for my Gold Award and ended up joining a committee to increase participation in the march. I also work on spreading the word to other people of my age group to increase the volunteers from all different ages. Women’s March gives me an opportunity to work to plan an event where my opinion and my input will help to create a difference.

“Reproductive health justice” is, of course, a euphemism for abortion (though El Rio Health is naturally careful not to use the A-word on their own page about the project). And the Women’s March is not only a rabidly pro-abortion feminist organization, the problem of anti-Semitism among its leaders has gotten so hard to ignore that even the Democratic National Committee, NAACP, and Human Rights Campaign have jumped ship.

So much for that requirement about thoroughly investigation.

And that’s far from the only mark against the Girl Scouts. They also honored Sandra Day O’Connor not merely for being a female Supreme Court justice but specifically for being a “key swing vote in many important cases, including the upholding of Roe v. Wade“; and partnering with pro-abortion groups like Teen Vogue Summit and Coalition for Adolescent Girls.

MyGirlScoutCouncil.com co-editor Christy Volanski explained just how deceptive the Girl Scouts’ official line is in comments to Breitbart:

“At the very least, it’s a cozy relationship,” Volanski told Breitbart News as she described the ties between the Girl Scouts, the abortion industry and, specifically, Planned Parenthood […]

Volanski explained while some media outlets are emphasizing that Girl Scouts does not send funds specifically from cookie sales directly to Planned Parenthood, “the fact that Girl Scouts exposes girls to Planned Parenthood through their organization is much more insidious than a financial relationship.”

“Many Girl Scout critics focus primarily on the relationship between Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood, but the concerns are so much broader than this one concerning connection,” Volanski asserted. “The Girl Scout organization features many progressive pro-abortion organizations, activists, politicians and events to its girl members.”

Leftism corrupts everything it touches, and through community organizations like the Girl Scouts, they hope to indoctrinate your children at younger and younger ages. The good news is there are alternatives for parents who want to give their children community service and engagement opportunities without endangering their values; the bad news are the legions of kids who will continue to be brainwashed with their parents’ unwitting acquiescence.

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