Obama Gets NASTY Reminder Of His 5 Major Scandals After Announcing His Presidency Was ‘Scandal Free’

Barack Obama continues to spread lies to the media in an attempt to prove he was a successful and honest President. We all know that is a bunch of BS, but I guess it’s all he can do now that he is out of office. Obama actually got in front of cameras and said his administration was scandal-free during his two terms. That is so far from the truth and for him to say it with a straight face is actually rather impressive.

Those of us who didn’t drink the kool-aid know that is the furthest thing from the truth. From the moment he stepped into office, heck even before he was in office, this guy was synonymous with the word “scandal,” but in case you have forgotten, here is a refresher course of 5 of his biggest scandals. Get the popcorn ready!

1. Operation Fast and Furious. This egregious example of a reckless government endangering lives and then scrambling to cover it up has haunted Obama for years. As Daily Wire has explained, “Operation Fast and Furious involved the Obama administration arming drug cartels and thugs south of the border as a means to undermine the Second Amendment. The program resulted in the death of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. One of the Islamic terrorists in the Garland, Texas, attack also used a gun that was obtained through the Fast and Furious program.”

The attempt to cover up the fatal program resulted in Obama’s first AG being held in contempt of Congress:

Then-Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress for stonewalling investigations into Operation Fast and Furious, and President Barack Obama further stonewalled the investigations by wrongly asserting executive privilege. On Tuesday, a federal judge threw out Obama’s executive privilege assertion on the grounds that the Justice Department “has already publicly revealed the sum and substance of the very material it is now seeking to withhold. Since any harm that would flow from the disclosures sought here would be merely incremental, the records must be produced.”

It has also been revealed that Joaquin Guzman, better known as the drug lord “El Chapo,” acquired a .50 caliber rifle as a result of Fast and Furious.

2. Benghazi. The terror attacks in Benghazi, Libya resulted in four brave Americans dying despite the fact that help could have been sent, but wasn’t. Requests for security prior to the attack were repeatedly denied, and after the attack Obama and Hillary Clinton falsely blamed it on a video considered offensive to Muslims. During the election, Benghazi became associated with Clinton—and rightly so—but it is also Obama’s scandal as well. It is still not known what Obama was doing that night.

Oh yes, it’s good to point out that Benghazi happened during the Obama administration and has been blamed solely on Hillary Clinton. While she was the grand architect of the whole fiasco, Obama was in power when it happened and could have stepped in at any point in time. Yet he didn’t.

3. The Obama administration paid ransom to Iran for hostages, and lied to the American people about it. As the Daily Wire has explained, the Obama administration claimed that they were giving a total of $1.7 billion to Iran to settle a failed arms deal with the previous Iranian regime, and it just happened to coincide with the release of four American hostages. The Obama administration also didn’t reveal the details of the agreement to Congress. It was obvious though that it was a ransom deal and the Obama administration lied about it.

4. The Environmental Protection Agency poisoned a Colorado river. The EPA breached the Gold King mine in the state and “mistakenly dug at the bottom” as well as didn’t test for pressure—both of which were mistakes that led “three million gallons of toxic mine waste,” according to The Daily Caller. The EPA has not been held accountable for this.

Bet you don’t remember that one. Obama’s EPA literally poisoned a river. Yup. That happened.

5. The Secret Service scandal. The Secret Service was caught in 2012 engaging with prostitutes during a trip to Cartegena, Columbia, with one Secret Service agent emailing another: “Swagg cologne-check/Pimp gear-check/ Swagg sunglasses-check/Cash fo dem hoes-check.” They “also left sensitive government documents unprotected in their Cartagena rooms,” according to The Daily Caller.

If those aren’t enough, there was also the IRS scandal his administration faced and the list goes on and on. The fact that this man can seriously get in front of cameras and claim he was scandal-free is astounding. I guess it should be no shock considering he made a career out of lying to the American people with a smile on his face. The man is a snake through and through, but hopefully one day his crimes are brought to light and he can be brought up on charges, but until that time we will have to listen to him spout off more lies.

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