WATCH: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Is Now Calling For Slavery Reparations From ALL Americans

Rep Shiela Jackson is back and is calling for not just some people to pay slavery reparation but ALL Americans to pay slavery reparations.

Yep, you heard that right!

Jackson said that she is hoping that this will be accomplished due to legislation moving its way through the House of Representatives.

“Four million Africans were enslaved here in the United States. One million African-Americans have been incarcerated across this land, HR-40 was introduced on the very first day of the United States Congress in 2019 with an array of members coming from across the nation and all manner of backgrounds. They understand it is long overdue for a national dialog dealing with what happened to African-Americans as slaves” Jackson-Lee said.

Watch this video to see how she calls for Americans to pay for slavery reparations for ALL African-Americans.

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