VIDEO: 2020 Candidate Wants to Give Every American $1,000 a Month, And This Is How!

On Monday’s episode of “Morning Joe,” 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang said that he will give every American $1,000.00 a month and how he plans to do that is absurd.

The lunatic liberal says that he will tax Amazon to ensure that Americans have this cash in their pocket and well, we all know how that goes!

Here is more from The Federalist Papers:

“It’s $1.8 trillion past current expenses, but the way you get there, Joe, we all know this, how much did Amazon pay in taxes last year? Zero. Meanwhile, Amazon is sucking up $20 billion in business every year putting 30% of American malls out of business so what we need to do is pass the value-added tax that would get the American people a slice of every Amazon transaction, every Google search, every robot truck mile” said Yang.

Watch as lunatic Democrat candidate Andrew Yang says he wants to give every American $1,000 a month and describes how he’ll pay for it:

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