Mother Releases Dire Warning After Toy Her Baby Sleeps With Every Night Nearly Kills Him

Being a parent is terrifying as we wonder what harms can come to our children. We want to protect them from harm and keep them safe as best as we can, but as we know that danger can happen anywhere.

One new mother discovered that terrible reality when her newborn baby almost suffocated by a simple object most little ones sleep with at night.

After she knew her baby was safe she took to social media to warn other parents of this potential danger so that no one has to feel that terror that she did.

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A shaken mother shared one of the most frightening moments of her 4-month-old’s life in 2016 in hopes of sparing other parents from experiencing the same thing.

Bedtime routines with infants are a precious gift.

Some babies require nightlights and sound machines while others just want their favorite blanket or stuffed animals.

For sweet Benjamin, he just needed his frog “lovey” blanket and he was set to go.

Sara Brandon, his mother, shared on Facebook how he would rub his sweet face on the plush blanket to “put himself to sleep,” but she had no idea just how dangerous Benjamin’s favorite toy could be.

I hesitate posting this because I'm still really beating myself up about it, but I know a lot of my fb friends have…

Posted by Sara Brandon on Thursday, December 15, 2016

On Dec. 14, 2016, Brandon was relaxing on the couch after putting her son down for bed until a wearable baby monitor sent a “low oxygen” alert to her smartphone.

Panicked, but hoping it was just a false alarm, she ran into the nursery to check on Benjamin.

The seemingly innocent plush blanket was on top of his face and Brandon found her son gasping for air and turning blue.

“His whole body was limp, blue, and clammy and his eyes kept rolling back as he tried to go to sleep,” she wrote.

Brandon and her husband quickly called 911 and were able to rush their son to the emergency room in enough time.

The doctors and nurses all agreed that the baby monitor saved the infant’s life by alerting Brandon as soon as the suffocation started.

There are five things caretakers can do to help ensure that an infant can sleep through the night safely, according to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

Caretakers can make sure that the infant is on his or her back anytime they sleep, place the baby on a firm surface and remove any extra objects like soft toys and blankets to ensure that the sleeping area is as safe as possible.

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