Court Hands Down SHOCK Ruling That Could FORCE A Man To Impregnate Ex-Wife

Liberal women claim that they do not have the same rights and privileges of men and this latest case shows that is not true at all!

In a stunning ruling a court may force a man to impregnant his ex-wife whether he likes it or not.

How is that for progress.

The Arizona Republic reported:

In a 2-1 decision, the court found that Ruby Torres’ right to procreate outweighs her ex-husband John Terrell’s interest not to — a decision that leaned heavily on the couple’s reasoning for preserving the embryos.

The court acknowledged its decision could make Terrell financially responsible for the child.

Torres, who is now 38, and Terrell preserved embryos in 2014 after she was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer and an oncologist said she likely couldn’t bear children after chemotherapy.

The couple, who was dating at the time, agreed to preserve her embryos so she could get pregnant if she survived cancer. They married and later divorced.

Torres, an attorney, testified that she wants to implant the embryos when, and if, she is remarried.

During their divorce, Terrell asked the Maricopa County Superior Court to prevent Torres from becoming pregnant with the embryos. The court ruled that the embryos must be donated to a third party.

But the appeals court overturned that ruling in a decision handed down March 14.

“The trial court erred when it placed heavy weight on the parties’ inability to ‘co-parent,’” the appeals judge Judge Jennifer B. Campbell said.

“Nothing in the record suggests that either of them expected or intended to co-parent any offspring derived from the embryos,” the judge said.

Torres could decide to appeal the decision to the state’s Supreme Court but in the meantime, his ex-wife got a tremendous victory.



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