Grieving Mother HORRIFIED Over Cruel Note Left At Daughter’s Roadside Memorial [PHOTO]

A grieving mother says she is heartbroken after a nasty note was left at a roadside memorial for her daughter. The makeshift memorial on Poplar Creek Road was created for Emma Skrabacz, who was killed by a drunk driver in October 2015.



“He veered into her lane and struck her and instantly killed her,” said Catherine Skrabacz, Emma’s mother. When new items are left at the site, it usually brings a smile to Catherine Skrabacz’s face, but not this time.




She said she found a note in front of Emma’s picture that read:


How long are you going to keep piling junk on this beautiful Bellevue roadside? What obviously started as a simple cross and 1 bouquet is now in plain terms, illegal littering.

The cross cannot even be seen and an enormous shiny red something that will never decay is hung up in the tree. PLEASE clean this up, for respect for the neighborhood AND your departed loved one.


“I went home and sobbed for hours,” Catherine Skrabacz said. “I just thought, why would someone go out of their way to be so cruel?”

Instead of bottling it up, she decided to post the note on Facebook. She has since received more than 100 messages of support.


During Channel 4’s interview with Catherine Skrabacz on Friday, a man pulled over to thank her for the memorial. He said it meant a lot to him because he also lost a son. Catherine Skrabacz said the kindness has brought peace.


“It turned all of those tears of sorrow into bittersweet tears of joy,” she said. Catherine Skrabacz said she is also choosing to forgive, because she knows that’s what her daughter would do.


“The main thing about our daughter is her heart. She was very kind and loving, just a very happy person,” she said. Catherine Skrabacz said she also misses her daughter’s sense of humor, her singing and her inclusiveness.



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