Liberal Activist Tries To Ruin Elderly Maga Supporter’s Life, Ruins Her Own Instead

The left needs to stop saying they are the party of love and tolerance and begin to embrace the fact that they are just bullies.

Take for example what occurred a Starbucks coffee shop in Palo Alto, California, where a liberal lunatic harrassed an elderly man for wearing a MAGA hat and had others join her.

Then to make matters even worse, she then doxxed the elderly man on Facebook.

However, instead of ruining his life she only made it worse for herself.

Here is more from The Blaze:

The woman, identified as social media user Parker Mankey, shared a photo of an elderly man in a local Starbucks store and demanded that her followers find the man and harass him.

A social media user by the name of Amy — AKA Twitter user @RightHookUSA — discovered Mankey’s purported threats, and took a screenshot of them before Mankey could delete the offending posts.

Amy wrote, “Parker Mankey is doxxing an old man on Facebook because he wore a MAGA hat in public. I’ve messaged Parker & let ‘her’ know that I will be contacting ‘her’ husbands work that ‘she’ publicly posts on her FB page, to show them the violence their employees’ wife is promoting.”

One of Mankey’s posts read, “Anybody in Palo Alto know this freak.”

“He will never forget me and will think seriously about wearing that hat in my town ever again,” Mankey’s post added. “If you see him in this hat, please confront him. You do not want to be the person who didn’t speak up as we slip into fascism.”

Mankey wrote that she shouted at him inside the Starbucks location, and he threatened to call the authorities on her. She said she yelled some more, and ended up leaving (but not before taking a few photos for posterity, apparently). Mankey said that she passed by the Starbucks later in the day and was shocked to discover that the elderly gentleman was still there.

Mankey explained that she went inside the Starbucks store for a second time that day and demanded to know the man’s name, his address, the location of his children’s school, and his wife’s name.

The elderly man was apparently tired of Mankey’s abuse, so he left the store — but Mankey followed him out and shouted more profanities at him, and demanded he leave town forever.

“The part that was really heartbreaking to me was that in a full Starbucks, I was the only one person yelling at him,” Mankey complained. “There were other white people in there who should have called him out. It is the duty of every white person in America to stand up to this every time they see it.”

What did she say on Facebook?

Mankey shared the update on one of her now-defunct Facebook pages, and in response to a commenter, warned that she was going to try and ruin this man’s life.

“I am going to publicly shame him in town and try to get him fired and kicked out of every club he is in,” she vowed. “I am going to go to his house and march up and down carrying a sign that says he hates black people. I am going to organize protests where he works to make him feel as unsafe as he made every brown person he met today.”

Mankey has since deactivated what appears to be all of her social media profiles, including a Twitter page and multiple Facebook activism pages.


Gryphon Stringed Instruments shared an update to its page on Monday, revealing that Mankey was no longer employed at the store.

The post read, “With regard to the aforementioned incident on 4/1/19; the employee in question has been terminated. Gryphon does not believe anyone should be harassed or subject to hate speech no matter their beliefs. Music has historically been something that has brought people of diverse socio-political backgrounds together. We would like to make it clear that the opinions expressed and actions taken by the employee are not indicative of how we conduct ourselves at the shop and we hope we can continue to serve our customers across the country respectfully and universally as we have done for nearly 50 years.”

With regard to the aforementioned incident on 4/1/19; the employee in question has been terminated. Gryphon does not…

Posted by Gryphon Strings on Tuesday, April 2, 2019

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