Black Actor Isaiah Washington DESTROYS Obama Then Praises Trump, And The Hate Pours In

Former Grey Anatomy’s star, Isaiah Washington has broken ties with Hollywood and praised President Donald Trump.

Not only did he give kudos to Trump, but he went one step further and slammed former President Barack Obama which you know will have progressives irate.

Here is more from Fox News:

Actor Isaiah Washington tweeted his thanks for President Trump’s support of the First Step Act while he also criticized former President Obama for his lack of action regarding “the Black Agenda.”

Washington tweeted on Monday his praise for Trump and the passing of the First Step Act, which is dedicated to criminal justice reform and prisoner rehabilitation. The actor was invited to D.C. to celebrate the legislation and hear calls for more reform, which he says Trump’s predecessor never did.

“I voted for 44 twice. I even checked my emails in his Senate Office while lobbying for Salone to be given another chance to rebrand,” the former “Grey’s Anatomy” star wrote. “Not once in 8 years was I given any support regarding Africa or the Black Agenda, but 45 invites me to the WH to celebrate the #FirstStepAct.”

In follow-up tweets, Washington noted that the bill is the first step to “end mass incarceration” and called for Trump to deliver reparations in 2020.

The First Step Act, which was passed by Congress last year, gives judges more discretion when sentencing some drug offenders and boosts prisoner rehabilitation efforts. The effort drew strong support from Republicans and Democrats, as both sides have expressed worry that mandatory minimum laws have generated unfair sentences in many drug-related cases.

Trump said Americans with criminal backgrounds are unemployed at rates up to five times the national average, which stood at 3.8 percent in February.

Washington followed up his initial tweets about going to the White House with a series of photos alongside prominent men and women who he says worked to get the First Step Act passed.

Washington also shared a handful of videos from inside the East Room where the president and vice president spoke with former prisoners who have been helped through the First Step Act.

Of course, soon after the hate comes pouring in.


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