WATCH: Chris Wallace Has Mental Breakdown After Mueller Report Submitted

So after 675 days and millions of dollars wasted later, those who were hoping to see President Trump arrested had a rude awakening.

And more tears:

JUST IN: AG Barr Says Pres. Trump Is ‘CLEARED’, No Collusion With Russia


It seems those never-Trumper’s had quite the temper tantrum after Special Counsel Robert Mueller submitted that there was no collusion to be found.

One of those to have a meltdown over the findings was Fox News contributor, Chris Wallace.



“The fact that there are no more indictments coming and the fact that all of the indictments we’ve seen thus far have been for process crimes are things unrelated to what we’ve been told by so many people in the media with treason, collusion to steal a 2016 election, I think it’s very significant,” Hemingway said.

“We do have to wait and see what the report says and people on all sides want to know a lot,” she said.

“But if there is nothing there, that matches what we’ve heard from the media for many years, there needs to be a reckoning, and the people who spread this theory both inside and outside the government who were not critical and did not behave appropriately, need to be held accountable,” she said.

“We don’t want to rush to judgement and I think that since this report has come out, since no one has seen it, to say that somehow this clears the president seems like the height of rushing to judgment,” Wallace said.

“People talk about the appointment of the special counsel,” he said. “The fact is the reason the special counsel was appointed is because Trump fired James Comey in the middle of his investigation.”

“If Comey had been allowed to finish his investigation there probably wouldn’t have been an special counsel,” he said.

“I’m also a little surprised at this talk about process crimes,” Wallace said. “Process crimes are not parking tickets. Process crimes are lying to federal prosecutors, they’re lying to the FBI.”

“This is the very basis of which justice is administered. And to the degree that which commit perjury, that’s a very serious crime,” he said.

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