WATCH: Chris Matthews Makes Fool of Himself In An EPIC Meltdown Over Mueller Report

Chris Matthews is not having any tingles up his leg after the findings of the Mueller Report, which was released late yesterday morning.

Unsatisfied with the report’s findings of “no collusion” and “no obstruction,” Matthews is now openly calling for Trump’s impeachment.

Here is more from The Washington Free Beacon:

MSNBC host Chris Matthews argued the way to get to the truth regarding President Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia is through pursuing impeachment during an appearance on MSNBC on Thursday afternoon.

“So final question, Chris. Where does this leave us? Because the Democrats in Congress have a real choice here about how and where to streamline their objections, their bills of particulars, and their investigation,” fellow MSNBC host Brian Williams asked.

“Well, they can take the obstruction of justice point, they can take elements of the collusion part, clearly all this ball playing, I mean. I think the decision by the Mueller team to say you can’t prosecute on a guy who takes dirt from Wikileaks, from Guccifer 2.0 and uses that as part of a propaganda campaign along the lines the Russians intended, which was to hurt Hillary and help Trump, I don’t see that—why that is not advancing a conspiracy, but I guess that is their legal judgment,” Matthews began.

“That seems to be a big difference between them reporting it for their political purposes and someone in the objective media simply saying here is what the Russians are pushing. It seems to be two totally different stories,” Matthews continued.

Matthews then criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D., Calif.) expressed opposition to pursuing impeachment without bipartisan support.

“But I think that it’s going to come down to, let’s face it, Jerry Nadler, who is listening to Nancy Pelosi, and Nancy Pelosi has made a political judgment that without Republican support for an impeachment exercise, she shouldn’t go along with it for political reasons. In other words, if you can’t make the case in a bipartisan fashion, don’t make it, because it will only serve the purpose of hurting yourself politically,” Matthews said. …



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