Mom FURIOUS After Sam’s Club Leaves This Response To Her Asking Them To Put A Cross On The Cake [VIDEO]

When it was time for Brandi Dypka to order a cake for her son’s religious celebration, she didn’t think too much about it and she headed back to the same Sam’s Club in Southgate, Michigan where she had ordered a religious cake in the past. But, when she got to the bakery counter, she was floored at the response that she received from the employee.

After ordering her cake and asking to have the words “God Bless Drake” beside a cross made out of frosting, Dypka was turned down. She had picked the cake design out in a catalogue right in front of the employee, showing her exactly what she wanted, and the employee said…


“I’m sorry we can’t do that.”

After Dypka asked if there was a reason that she couldn’t get a cake with a cross on it, the employee said…


“Yeah we just don’t do the religious crosses on the cakes. We don’t pipe them.”

And that was that. But, it left and unsettling feeling inside Brandi, so when she got home, she emailed the corporate office of Sam’s Club. Much to her surprise, she was left with a bad feeling once again, when they responded with the following email…

“If you don’t like the cake, don’t purchase it.”


Dypka was floored. She had been a member of the club for quite some time and had always relied on their cakes and decent customer service. She wasn’t about to let them get away with it, so she went back into the store where she originally tried ordering from and showed the store manager the email exchange between her and the corporate office. She also provided them with pictures of the cake that she wanted, just like the one that was shown in the store’s catalogue. Eventually, the store manager reluctantly gave in, saying, “Okay we’ll go ahead and do it.” And the woman simply asked her what color she would like for the frosting.




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