Watch: Mad Maxine Waters Melts Down, Physically Attacks Journalist In Halls Of Congress As Calls For Resignation Grow

Kirsters Baish| The liberals of America don’t seem to have a shred of decency left these days. At least, Democratic Representative from California, Maxine Waters, doesn’t seem to.

The woman went so far as to get up in front of her supporters this past weekend and incite acts of violence against Trump administration officials.

Now, Waters seems to have followed her own advice, and has attacked a conservative reporter.

Conservative Tribune says of Waters, “Democrat California Rep. Maxine “Impeach 45” Waters is one of those who is inciting leftiststo engage in what amounts to mob violence against members of Trump’s administration and those who support him, an effort to shame such individuals and make them feel unwelcome in general society.”

At the rally in Los Angeles, this past weekend, the Democrat said to her supporters, “If you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

It was reported by the Huffington Post that tons of Republicans as well as many Democrats were not happy with the California Democrat. It’s likely that they didn’t feel her call to violence was becoming of someone who is meant to be a political figure.

Some liberals actually support Waters’ call to harass members of the Trump administration. They have claimed that she did not call for acts of violence, however it was obvious that violent action as implied.


Conservative Tribune reports:

According to Big League Politics, conservative investigative journalist Laura Loomer tracked down Waters in the halls of Congress and asked her a series of questions with regard to her call to mob action, but Waters was in no mood to answer any questions.

In fact, Waters even appeared to get slightly physical with Loomer as she attempted to avoid answering the reporter’s direct questions.

On at least two and possibly three occasions, Waters attempted to bat away Loomer’s camera or cover it up with a sheet of paper, a physical act that could easily have accelerated the situation into a violent altercation.

Loomer repeatedly asked questions that stemmed from Waters’ remarks, such as “Where are conservatives allowed to go in D.C.?” and “Where can a conservative eat at a restaurant in D.C.?”

A very important question that Loomer asked was if she expects conservatives to “sit at the back of the bus.” It wasn’t much of a surprise when Waters wouldn’t answer the questions and just stated multiple times, “Please come to my office and speak with me there.”

Waters made her way to an elevator for “members only” and actually began taunting Loomer from behind multiple aides. She went so far as to stick her tongue out for a second like a child. During this time, the aides were blocking Loomer’s camera from filming and yelling at her that she was not allowed on the elevator because she was not a Congress member.

Waters is likely going to try to justify her actions, but her mob mentality and bullying personality says all we need to know about her. Loomer has since pressed assault changes against Waters. Watch the clip below or WATCH THE FULL VIDEO HERE 


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