Groom Finds Something Under Bride’s Dress, Decides The Best Course Of Action Is To Kill Her

A bride was reportedly strangled to death by her groom on the night of their wedding because he suspected that she wasn’t a virgin.

The Pakistani woman married her cousin the day before her body was found in her bedroom, and the groom fled the scene after killing her.

Police forced their way into the woman’s home, where they discovered her on the bed.


The mother of the bride called the police when she tried to call her daughter the morning after the wedding and received no response.

The death was referred to by many as an “honor killing,” which is carried out by husbands who have reason to believe their wives were not virgins before they married.

The bride’s brother filed an official complaint with police, saying that the groom — Qalandar Bux Khokhar — strangled his sister to death.

The bride’s mother said that the marriage was arranged but consensual.


Since the woman’s body was discovered, Express Tribune reported, several unsuccessful raids were carried out to attempt to locate Khokhar.

Many readers reacted strongly to the story, calling for the man’s arrest and an end to the practice of honor killings.

“And to think a lot of these cases even marry 6yrs old children and then consummate the marriage when child turns 9…and justify that action as culture and traditions. This folks, are what females are going through out there…sick. I could never call that as any form of culture,” one Newsiosity reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.


“These fools are from the middle east that’s what their use to KILL that’s their way of life over. They don’t no what normal decent living IS,” another wrote.

“Was his damn ass a virgin? I doubt it. People who commit honor killings need to be held accountable and either dumped in prison or executed, preferably executed,” another added.


Other readers mourned the bride and called for a change in laws regarding honor killings in Pakistan.

“Nobody has given anyone right to take the life of any soul.Heart bleeds for the poor girl.As a citizen of this nation, my head is hung in shameWe need to castrate the honour-killers.However, when our law is weak then these incidents are bound to happen, how many suspects our courts have punished so far,” one Express Tribune reader commented.


“ALLAH knows the best. i think people should be educated more about sex.I personally think it has nothing to do with the virginity. .i think people should fear Allah in the matter of other people. May her soul rest in eternal peace. ameen,” another added.



Sources: Express TribuneNewsiosity

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