Romney Double Crosses Trump In Order To Help Obama

Oh, failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney is at it again showing his contempt for the American people and of course, President Trump. The current Senator of Utah just voted against one of his judges to help former President Obama.

Politico reports:

Mitt Romney was the only Republican senator to vote against one of President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees on Tuesday. And he did so in part to defend former President Barack Obama.

Of course he was. He’s bitter Trump is President while the American people rejected him. Now he’s “bitter” Mitt.

Romney cast the lone GOP “no” vote against Michael Truncale, who was confirmed 49-46 on Tuesday morning to the Eastern District of Texas. Truncale called Obama an “un-American imposter” in June 2011, and explained to the Senate Judiciary Committee that he was “merely expressing frustration by what I perceived as a lack of overt patriotism on behalf of President Obama.” He also said he believed Obama was born in Hawaii and did not subscribe to “birtherism,” a racist theory that the president was not an American citizen.

Apparently that wasn’t good enough for “Bitter” Mitt:

“He made particularly disparaging comments about President Obama. And as the Republican nominee for president, I just couldn’t subscribe to that in a federal judge,” Romney said in a brief interview. “This was not a matter of qualifications or politics. This was something specifically to that issue as a former nominee of our party.”


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