Ramadan Rage: Muslim Man Runs Over Group Of People Judge Praises Him As ‘Good Family Man’

For years the UK has been slowly deteriorating thanks to the constant flow of Muslims entering the country. At one time, the UK was the tourist destination for many from all over the globe, but recently there has been a major influx in terrorist attacks, with Manchester and London being the most recent confirmed attacks. While these larger attacks are reported on a global scale for all to witness, there are a number of smaller crimes that most of us across the pond never hear about that are directly linked to Islam. While these smaller attacks may not be on such a grand scale as Manchester, they are successful in invoking fear among the population.

The most recent method of attacks that Muslims are employing is the use of vehicles to plow into civilians causing as much destruction as they can and that’s what makes this the judgment on this case involving this type of attack so unacceptable. 26-year-old Lugman Aslam is a Muslim who lives in the UK and decided to plow through a group of men he had an altercation with at an earlier time. The Judge sentenced the man but in doing so praised Aslam for being a good family man who acted out of character. He actually praised the man for his actions and in doing so gave other Muslims more reason to carry out such attacks. While Aslam was sentenced to 5 years, it also showed him how far he can take things. The Judge should have locked him up for life.

According to The Daily Mirror:

26-year-old Lugman Aslam, from Leicester in the UK, found himself in a physical altercation with a group of men after he backed his van into one of them. He was allegedly racially abused while doing so.

Recorder (circuit judge) Justin Wigoder, described the incident that followed. Aslam, with revenge on his mind, returned to his van, mounted the curb and drove straight through the group of pedestrians to “get [his] own back.”

“I’ve seen it on CCTV and you deliberately mounted the pavement and drove straight at them and right through the middle of them at speed,” said Wigoder.

“Some were thrown to the side and three were struck by your vehicle front-on, with one going over the bonnet and hitting the windscreen,” he continued.

“It’s quite remarkable that nobody was seriously hurt or killed and the only injuries complained of were bruises and scratches.”

“One indication of the force of the collision was your windscreen was smashed – you claimed it had been hit by an animal when you got it repaired,” he continued.

“You accept your intention, driving at them, was to cause serious injury and that’s what makes this case so serious.”

“The motivation was driving at them to get your revenge, to get your own back from the fact they’d assaulted you,” Wigoder concluded.

Wigoder, however, argued that this was “completely out of character” for the van driver. The judge went on to praise Aslam as a “good family man” that had glowing references.

“You’re of very positive good previous character and I’ve received a considerable number of references setting out all the good that is in you,” he said.

He went on to add, “you’re a good family man with a young daughter and I take that very much into account.”

According to his defense, Aslam “was fasting [for Ramadan] on that day and had been doing so for about 20 days” when he tried to injure the pedestrians.

“He’s a hardworking, unassuming and quiet man, of small stature,” his defense lawyer Nadeem Aullybocus said.

“He’s never been involved in gang culture and was simply on his way to meet his wife and child when the encounter (with the five men) took place.

“Something happened out of the ordinary and he reacted in a way he can’t explain.”

“Clearly he saw red and went for these five people.”

“He’s been suffering from depression ever since.”

“Others speak highly of him. He also does charitable work in the community,” the lawyer concluded.

Aslam pleaded guilty to the charge of dangerous driving and attempting to inflict intentional grievous bodily harm. Due to the Criminal Justice Act 2003, granting him automatic parole, it is unlikely that he will serve half of his prison time incarcerated.

Aslam received a five-year sentence and a four-and-a-half year driving ban.

Considering the number of vehicle attacks that have happened around the world as well as in London, the most recent for the UK being the Westminster bridge and London bridge attacks, it is surprising that Aslam received such a light sentence.

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