Mother Sentenced After Horrific Punishment Of 9yo Goes Too Far


A woman in Nanjing, China who was identified as “Li” was  was handed a prison term when medical reports stated that his son had suffered “minor injury” from being punished when he had failed to complete his homework.



According to reports, the woman is the 9 year old’s adoptive mother after she had legally adopted his nephew, who is from a rural family in Anhui Province, in the hope that he could receive a better education in the city.

During the court procedure,  the woman allegedly confessed to beating her 9-year-old son with a back scratcher and skipping rope for not doing his homework and telling lies. She also tried to justify her acts by saying “I’m not a bad mother. I was just trying to discipline my child,”  She apologized for her misbehavior and pleaded not guilty.

The 9 year old biological parents had asked prosecutors to give the woman leniency as they believe she only looking after the boy’s future but had made the mistake of overdoing it. Li’s lawyer also presented a video of the boy asking his mother to return home.



But the prosecutors stood their ground and charged Li with child abuse for inflicting injury to a child and was sentenced to 6 months of jail time.

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