When The Co-Pilot Passed Out Mid-Flight, An Unexpected Passenger Saved The Day


A flight attendant helped land an aircraft to safety after the co-pilot passed out in the middle of a flight with almost 200 passengers on board. The heroic cabin crew member was called into action when the co-pilot unexpectedly felt faint after his blood pressure suddenly dropped.



According to reports,  Boeing 747-800 was travelling from Hanover, Germany to Mallorca, Spain when the co-pilot suddenly felt unwell after using the bathroom and had to lie down. Luckily, a doctor was on board and was called to the cockpit, who then diagnosed the co-pilot with extremely low blood pressure.


The pilot had decided to land the plane without the co-pilot since he is medically ill and is not able to perform his duties, he then called a member of the cabin crew for assistance. After a fortunately safe landing, the co-pilot was taken to a nearby hospital where he was examined for further health tests.


Such cases are “extremely rare” and the flight attendant would be rewarded for her actions as it was stated by Jan Hillrichs, a spokesman for German airline TUIfly.


Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2017/03/29/air-stewardess-helps-to-land-plane-after-co-pilot-passes-out-6542176/

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