22yr Old Spent Nearly $50,000 To Become A Genderless Alien Being [WATCH]

A 22-Year-Old Spent Nearly $50,000 To Become A Genderless Alien Being Without Genitals

A makeup artist in Los Angeles, California has spent nearly $50,000 on plastic surgery to become a genderless alien. Vinny Oh, 22, wanted to be sexless and genderless at the age of 17 and has been consulting doctors since.

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Although an LGBTQ activist, Vinny doesn’t identify as bi, gay or trans. The 22-year-old believes that we should take away labels, embrace individuality and is all about showing people that gender roles in our society do not matter.



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Vinny has had over a 100 cosmetic procedures. The transformation began with lip fillers and rhinoplasty after feeling like not fitting in to the crowd. Vinny also wears extreme black contacts and talons to intensify the ET (extraterrestrial) image.


The plan to remove the genitalia, belly button, and nipples are on the table which would cost Vinny an additional of $160,000.

With all the negative comments regarding this brave choice, Vinny remains positive and is committed to change everyone’s mind about the normality our society lives in. 


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