Muslims Take Over Entire City And Here’s What They Forced People To Do


Everyone reading this knows the face of Islamic terror.


Sharia law is no stranger to anyone at this point, and our media have all shown us how the religion of peace often hurls gays from rooftops or tosses acid into the faces of women.

What is not often seen are the problems that some peaceful Muslims have with things like the awareness of other people’s rights.

According to Teddy Stick:
Eid, the Muslim Holiday that concludes Ramadan, at the Masjid at Taqwa Mosque on Fulton St. in the Bed-Stuy area of Brooklyn, NY on August 30, 2011.

A Twitter user who goes by the name of Based Monitored has posted a video on that social media site showing Muslims sitting, blocking traffic, yammering away on some Islamic prayer that most of New York couldn’t care less about hearing.

Nothing says, “we come in peace” like making it impossible for first responders to get to a needy person because a group of religious zealots in turbans need to pray facing eastward outside where the real world is happening. It is surely politically incorrect to say that there is a reason that parade routes and block parties which shut down roads need to be approved by the city. Things like heart attacks, baby deliveries, and other emergencies don’t really wait for Allah nor Ramadan.

It must be terrible to observe and talk about such facts. It must also be utterly insensitive to point out that Christians, Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists don’t tend to make a habit of this. No Native America Indians or Jehovah’s Witnesses were seen acting this way, either. For that matter, most Satanists do not even put others at risk with such irresponsible behavior when they are pansy dancing around and cursing the President. This makes these particular Muslims even eviler than the those who CALL themselves evil!

How uncaring and intolerant it must be to mention that people are trying to drive to work, drive home from work, and any of the cities thousands of cabbies are trying to make money by driving anywhere at all. None of this could happen thanks to this group.

How many scenes like this played out as Muslim’s blocked travel routes without warning? People have lives to live, dates to meet, and maybe a date to be stood up on (it happens, snowflakes). All of that should be allowed to happen without a group of people choosing to make it impossible to move around the city. That goes for Muslims, too.

Is anyone else getting really tired of all of these road blocking actions? Between Antifa, BLM, Bam, LGBT, and now Muslims we have seen an epic rise in the street blocking with protests and ‘prayers. ‘They need to knock it off before they really start making Americans angry.

H/T [ Teddy Stick ]

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