Elizabeth Warren LOSES Her Mind, Says The UNFATHOMABLE

During an interview with NPR, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) accused President Donald Trump of winking and nodding “at the white supremacists.”

Warren said, “This is a man who, as president of the United States, refers to people in Charlottesville who are white supremacists as “fine people,”

a man who says he doesn’t want any more immigrants coming here from “shithole” countries, a man who describes people who flee for their lives from Central America as mounting an invasion on our country, a man who has used racist language and racist imagery over and over and over,

and most of all a man who winks and nods at the white supremacists, and who in turn is embraced and celebrated by the white supremacists.”

She added, “You know, when the white supremacists call Donald Trump one of their own I tend to believe them.”

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