Teen Posts Racist Videos Threatening Black People, Gets A Swift Taste Of Justice

In a private Catholic school in South Carolina, a 16-year-old student was arrested and expelled for posting racist videos; with one of the videos showing him shooting a box which he said represented black people.

The videos were shot in May, weeks before the school’s summer break. According to Richland County deputies, the teen has been threatening the Columbian school during the break.

It was discovered that the videos were sent to multiple students from the school, but school officials did not bring the videos to investigators until July 15.

The teen can also be heard uttering racial slurs in the video, and called himself “a hater of all black men.” He used the same words in the video where he shot a black box which he said represented black people.

The teen, whose name cannot be released because of his age, will be charged with making threats against the students.

After a newspaper featured the story of the teen on their website, Cardinal Newman School wrote to the student’s parents. Maria Aselage, spokeswoman for the Diocese of Charleston, stated that church officials determined that the danger was only minimal since students were already out of the school and police investigation was already ongoing.

The letter confirmed the student’s expulsion from the school and his banishment from the school’s property.

Cardinal Newman’s school principal, Robert Loia, also wrote in the note which was sent out on Friday night: “The next few days may be challenging for Cardinal Newman School, so I ask for your prayers for our students, teachers, staff, and administration.”

Sources: AP News / Photo Credit: News 19 WLTX

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