Police Footage Inside Epstein’s Creepy Sex Parlor Estate, Items Seized Include….

Since the recent death of multimillionaire financier/longtime pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, many questions have been raised.

We are left wondering exactly what happened in the hours leading up to Epstein’s apparent suicide, as two of the security cameras outside of his Manhattan prison cell mysteriously caught footage that officials deemed “unusable.”

Via The Daily Mail

We are also left with a plethora of questions as to who exactly was involved in his decades-long sex trafficking ring.

We are also left wondering what exactly happened within the walls of his Florida estate, where in 2005, the police seized images of underage girls, a mysterious dentist chair, among other questionable items.

Clips of the raid video were released by The Daily Mail. These clips were taken from a 2005 probe into Epstein’s apparent pedophilia.

Via The Daily Mail

Bongino.com reports:

The $16.5 million dollar, nine-bedroom Palm Beach residence housed “dozens of disturbing pieces of décor including close-up photographs of scantily clad young girls, a full-equipped dentist’s chair and a snap of the pedophile standing at the White House press podium” reported The Daily Mail.

It is within these walls that the financier and many of his high-profile associates allegedly sexually abused many underage girls.

Via The Daily Mail

The footage shows graphic sexual images of naked women, however “one of the photos features a girl who appears to be around the age of six bending over in a tiny dress with her backside exposed. The image was considered so explicit that authorities blurred it out in the footage.”

Ghislaine Maxwell, who used to date Epstein, was reportedly in charge of helping to recruit young girls for the sex ring. She also took part in “sexual harassment of the girls herself appears in photos. In one she was outstretched naked on a beach,” Bongino.com reports.

The New York Post reported on the matter:

Detectives investigating Epstein’s alleged sexual relationships with young girls enter the mansion with guns drawn and read a search warrant to the house manager.

“The court, being satisfied of the existence of said ground [for search] set forth in the affidavit and that the laws of the State of Florida have been violated in or on a premises known and described as follows, to wit 358 El Brillo Road,” one detective reads, according to footage obtained by CBS 12.

The home also features what appears to be a fully equipped dentist’s chair and cart, which is stocked with drills and other instruments, as well as a lamp, the news outlet reported.

A crudely drawn picture of a baby and a skull also hangs on a wall, with quotes from Ralph Waldo Emerson (“A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature”) and “Star Trek’s” Mr. Spock (“Live long and prosper”).

Some photographs depict Epstein shaking hands with world leaders including Pope John Paul II and Cuba’s Fidel Castro.

According to a police report that the Daily Mail cited, among items seized from the home were “sex aids, four massage tables and soap-on-a-rope among dozens of items authorities seized along with the framed photos of naked girls.”

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