CNN Asks 8 Female Voters About Trump’s ‘Racist’ Tweets – Here’s Their Response

Eight women vehemently disputed CNN’s attempt to describe President Donald Trump’s recent Twitter posts as racist.

The cable news network, which is openly against Trump, has been labeling the president’s tweets racist without preceding with the term “allegedly.”

After the House of Representatives voted to condemn Trump’s “racist tweets,” Anderson Cooper broadcasted a segment featuring eight pro-Trump women in Dallas.

When asked if Trump’s tweets were not racist, all eight lifted their hands.

“He was saying that if they hate America so much—because what we’re seeing out of them, and hearing out of them—they hate America. If it’s so bad, there’s a lot of places they can go,” said Dena Miller, one of the women.

“I’m a brown-skinned woman. I’m a legal immigrant, I agree with him,” Sharon Bolan added.

A CNN reporter interposed and said: “You don’t think it’s racist to say that …”

“I think it’s a demonstration of how their ideology spills over. Even though they’re American now so to speak, they’re not acting American,” said another woman.

“I’m glad that the president said what he said because all they’re doing, they’re inciting hatred and division and that’s not what our country’s about, it’s not about that at all,” Gina O’Briant stated.

“Isn’t that what the president does with some of his own comments? His own racist comments?” the CNN reporter queried.

“He didn’t say anything about color,” O’Briant answered back.

“We know the president is not racist, he loves people from Hispanics, and black people, all across the board,” Cami Dean said.

After hearing the women’s answers, the CNN reporter read the definition of racism based on the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

“Based on that definition, do you not think what the president said is racist?” the CNN reporter said.

“He dated a black woman for two years, two of his wives are immigrants, he is not a xenophobic racist,” O’Briant fired back.

“If the first black billionaire is endorsing President Trump, how can you call him racist?” Miller replied.




Sources: NTD / Photo Credit: Twitter/Anderson Cooper 360

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