Archaeologists Unearth Ancient Clay Pot… Make Extraordinary Find That Defies ALL ODDS [PHOTOS]

Every so often, a discovery is made that seems to defy all natural laws. This kind of discovery reminds us that there are still mysteries that can be considered nothing but amazing.

A discovery of ancient seeds is such a find. Archaeologists unearthed a clay pot in 2008 on the Menominee Reservation in Wisconsin, which doesn’t seem like much of an earth-shattering discovery.

However, when they opened the pot, they discovered seeds — seeds that were determined to be a form of squash thought to have been extinct for 800 years.

The seeds seemed perfectly preserved in the clay pot. Students in Winnipeg, Canada, didn’t let the discovery end there. They decided to see what would happen if they planted the seeds. Surprisingly, from the seeds sprouted species of squash thought to be extinct.

 The squash was named “Gete-okosomin,” which means “big old squash” in Menominee.

And big it is. The largest squash grown from the batch of seeds measured 3 feet long and weighed in at 18 pounds, according to My Modern Met.

The student’s are working to preserve more seeds to ensure the survival of the ancient squash. It just goes to show you that plants can be pretty incredible and that sometimes, history has a funny way of coming back around.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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