Foster Parents Give Horrific Punishment To 6yo Girl For Bedwetting

A 6-year-old girl was rushed to the RG Kar Medical College and Hospital and in critical condition after her foster parents, Shyamal and Sandhya Sen, poured chili powder on her genitals for wetting the bed.


As stated by India Today, the 6-year-old victim was extremely hurt and “traumatized” after the incident. Doctors said that she’s no longer speaking and will, without doubt, need urgent mental counseling.


According to sources, the case will be handled by the district child welfare committee.  “The district child welfare committee is on the job now as they are the competent agency to handle the matter” states police commissioner, Niraj Kumar Sigh. The girl will be admitted to a facility run by the government for further medication and education when she finally recovers.

The couple has been immediately arrested as the 6-year old’s aunt, Purnima Das, filed charges after the horrendous incident has been brought out on June 19.


The girl got into the couple’s care without proper legal formalities. Her aunt handed her to when she can no longer raise the child due to her poor state of living. According to the Police, the little girl’s father died when she was still a toddler and her mother abandoned her not long after, leaving Purnima Das, her aunt, to take over.


Quoting psychoanalyst, Anindita Roychowdhury, “Bedwetting is a very delicate issue,” as she told local reporters. She further cleared that “In most of the cases we have seen that parents or guardians indulge in certain wrongful practices. I think the mother also needs to undergo psychotherapy to see if she has any sadistic trait.”



Latest reports states the foster mother, Sandhya, has been sent to a 14-day judicial custody while the girl’s foster father, Shyamal, has since been granted bail.



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