This WILL NOT Save Donald Trump From Impeachment!!!

As we sit here today, the Democrats are holding secret “Impeachment inquiries” in an attempt to try to take out President Trump.

They have subpoenaed numerous “key witnesses”, and documents they have zero business having, such as his tax records. The DNC led by Nancy Pelosi, are desperate as the 2020 elections are quickly approaching and they have ZERO viable candidates to put up against the incumbent. We have been hearing from the talking heads that there is no way Senate will vote out POTUS if impeachment articles are sent to them from the House. I want you to stop and think about this line and lie for a minute.


When was the last time the GOP majority Senate stood up to Nancy and her bag of nuts known as the house of representatives? The GOP for years now have been spineless cowards who can’t seem to fight their way out of a wet paper bag. They had the chance to repeal the ACA,( Obamacare), and chose to do nothing. Weak knees McConnell and Ryan told us because they didn’t have a majority. They simply didn’t care enough about you, the American citizen to try to fight for you and your freedoms. We were also fed the lines of, “You just need to vote for us again so we can work in it next term.” These Republicans are nothing more than the Democratic wing of the GOP party.


Mitt Romney is no fan of our President and will be one of the votes we see if articles of impeachment come down for the President. Mr. Romney was recently put in the spotlight this weekend in an interview and asked about former Presidents and if he thought they were honorable. When asked about the current President, Mr. Romney decided to pull his Bible out, not because it’s a good judgment tool, but because he’s trying to pull from President Trump’s evangelical base. Mitt said he couldn’t call the President honorable because of his numerous divorces and affairs. If you think for one minute that Senator Romney will vote to not impeach the President, you need to wake up!


Let’s look at Senator Lindsey Graham in his recent interview with the moderate news source AXIOS. Senator Graham who was not on the Trump train in 2016, has seemed like he was coming around last summer with the hearings of now sitting Justice Kavanaugh. Senator Graham took the DNC to task and went viral in his rants against their insanity.

This gave Senator Graham a huge boost in favoritism among his state of South Carolina and had some thinking he might be picked for a seat at the table with our President. Now, a year and some time removed from his political stand up moment, Senator Graham is telling us via Axios “Sure. I mean … show me something that … is a crime,” Graham told Axios’ Jonathan Swan. “If you could show me that, you know, Trump actually was engaging in a quid pro quo, outside the phone call, that would be very disturbing.” Senator Graham is just another shining example of the swamp that is drowning out our freedoms in this great country.


I beg you to seriously consider if along with the rest of the GOP such as Senator McConnell, or Murkowski, Sasse, or even Paul would seriously not take up their personal differences and say to hell with this guy, voting impeach him! The only thing that can save this President from being impeached at this point is if he demands they call him into the Senate. He marches down to the hearing and tears every single testosterone less GOP Senator limb from limb verbally. President Trump needs to expose all of these fakes, phonies, frauds and show the people on live television who they are, the swamp!

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