AOC Destroyed! and you wouldn’t believe who did it!

October 23rd, Mark  Zuckerburg had to sit before Congress and take questions from them again as a part of their ongoing investigation into Facebook. At one point during his questions, Mr. Zuckerburg was dealt the luckiest hand he could ever have been given! Congress woman Ocasio-Cortez from New York was looking to make a big name for herself by taking on the CEO of Facebook. Her attempts however were fought off by her sheer lack of understanding of Facebook and how the world actually works.

The congress woman in her questioning asked Zuckerburg about a wide variety of topics ranging from Facebook using what she deemed ” Far Right white supremacists groups” to fact check, to asking if she could make up lies about Republicans in her up and coming Facebook campaign ads. She went so far as to ask if she could make up separate dates for Black voters to attend voting. Now why would a Democrat even want to raise such a question in the first place? Does she plan to stiffen her black voters in her tiny district of New York?

Her attempt to paint Facebook as being in collusion with ultra white nationalists failed miserably too I might add. She mentioned that Facebook has begun using The Daily Caller as a independent fact checker to push back against the concern they were using only one sided stories. If you remember, at the beginning of their “Fact Checking”, Facebook was using far left leaning Snopes. Yes Snopes, the website ran by a husband and wife along with their cat. The now broken up husband and wife, and I honestly have no idea who kept the cat. Let’s continue, the Congresswoman called our friends over at the Daily caller “Far right White supremacists” in an attempt to pose the idea that Facebook is irresponsible, and in need of Government oversight to fact check. You and I know that the Daily Caller is not where the white supremacist go to get their news, or to fact check stuff they see on Facebook. After her big “home-run”, Ocasio-Cortez listened on as Zuckerburg informed on the inner workings of Facebook, and their fact checkers are now independent of the company. After this information was brought to light, you could almost see the steam rising from miss Ocasio-Cortez’s ears as if a major thought was struggling to get out. She decided it was best to double down on her statement and again attempt to label Facebook as being in bed with white supremacists.

I absolutely can not believe that I sat there for 6 minutes watching Mr. Zuckerburg and almost feeling sorry for him being grilled by these Congressmen and Women on Capitol hill. After being purged over a year ago from Facebook, my distaste for this man is still at an all time high. If you told me a year ago, I would have at some point taken pity on him just for a fleeting moment, I would have told you that you were crazy. Maybe even crazier than ole crazy eyes Ocasio-Cortez herself. Never the less, thanks to her and many other politicians, it has become increasingly clear how clueless they are about the internet and social media. The last thing we need is for them to begin to regulate it.

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