Mom’s BRILLIANT Excuse Note For Tardy Teen Daughter Goes Viral

Mom's BRILLIANT Excuse Note For Tardy Teen Daughter Goes Viral

Some call her “mother of the year.” Others are offended at her harsh tactics. Which side are you on?

A California teen running late for school must have been thrilled when her mother agreed to write an excuse note — until she read it.

The note has been shared tens of thousands of times on Facebook, likely by applauding parents everywhere who know just how hard it is to get their children to school every morning.

Nicole Poppic wrote in the caption of the post, “This is what happens when you are tardy as a result of your own poor choices and you ask me for a note to excuse your tardiness,” adding a grinning emoji face wearing sunglasses for good measure.

“Cara is tardy this morning as a result of a condition known as teenage-ism,” Poppic wrote. “She suffered from an inability to remove herself from her bed, and also felt the need to talk back to her birth-giver.”

Take a look at the note and decide for yourself:

This is what happens when you are tardy as a result of your own poor choices and you ask me for a note to excuse your tardiness. ?

Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 5.18.38 PM

Some people were critical of Poppic for her tactic, but she explained that she and her daughter are close, and that her daughter understands the value of adding humor to a situation.

What do you think?

Take a look at these comments from Nicole Poppic’s Facebook page:

Tracy Rybicki
Tracy Rybicki LMAO good for you


Tracy Rybicki
Tracy Rybicki I would have did that same thing lol


Tracy Rybicki
Tracy Rybicki Mom of a 22yr old


Corrina Gutierrez
Corrina Gutierrez Vanessa AnnMarie i feel like this would be about shuggie lol


Vanessa AnnMarie
Vanessa AnnMarie Omg yes!!! I’m going to show my parents lol ?


Cynthia Hernandez
Cynthia Hernandez Greatest thing I have read today!!!! Lol


Mary Garcia
Mary Garcia Me to ???????????????????????


Cynthia Hernandez
Cynthia Hernandez She is my new idol lol


Kathy Damitz Thompson
Kathy Damitz Thompson Some one knows how to keep their teen in check! WTG


Cindy Kinzey Wills
Cindy Kinzey Wills Awesome Mom!!! Way to go!!?


Mary Garcia
Mary Garcia Good job mom that’s cool ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????shooooooooootttttttttt


Rachel Briggs
Rachel Briggs Destroying your kid’s property is abusive, especially if it’s a communication device, doesn’t matter who paid for it. Not sure why so many people are patting the letter-writer on the back, that’s scary as hell.


Cassandra Maria Morales
Cassandra Maria Morales See, amen Rachel Briggs


Deb Smith
Deb Smith Now that’s good parenting! Way to go Mom!!! 🙂 <3


Rena McCullough
Rena McCullough Oh that is ….something I would have done.


Julia Overbeek
Julia Overbeek Good job mom. I’ve read in the comment that teenage girls are brats 95% of the time. Id just like to say that if your a Brat your going to have to face the consequences.


Mary Garcia
Mary Garcia Yeeeeeepppp


Dyanne Parnel
Dyanne Parnel I didn’t realize this was completely legit. It’s brilliant!


Shirelle Harrison
Shirelle Harrison Im with you mom!!!


Logan Maxwell Green
Logan Maxwell Green So you rock as a mother


Cheryl Falcon
Cheryl Falcon Way to go mom. I love it


Claudia Sarile-Allen
Claudia Sarile-Allen Parenting done right!!!


Sharon Ibotta
Sharon Ibotta It’s scary to see how many people think this is good thing. Then you’ll wonder layer in life why your daughter has nothing to do with you. I wonder if you preach about love and respect.


Brenda Hunt Alcorn
Brenda Hunt Alcorn You don’t have to preach about love and respect. Some adolescents need a wakeup call and getting rid of something they want is one way to do it. She’s not her best friend. She’s her daughter.


Nicole Dorn
Nicole Dorn That part Brenda Hunt Alcorn.


Sharian McQueen
Sharian McQueen This hilarious!!! I understand some are confused by her actions. Let me explain it is called training your child. Instead of having CPS or the Police do it. This is called teaching your child not to make excuses for your lazy actions but rather take reSee More


Rachel Briggs
Rachel BriggsIt’s throwing a tantrum and destroying a child’s property rather than attempting to solve a problem.
Bryan Smith
Bryan SmithIf it was my daughter, I bought the phone and am the one laying for it. If I say “no phone” then guess what. No phone.


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