This is a total SCHIFF SHOW, Another Fraud from Schiff!!!

As a military veteran, I had my share of training on the Uniform Code of Military Justice that applies to ALL service members.

Yesterday I watched as a Lt. Colonel from the United States Army on NATIONAL TELEVISION along with Radio admitted to breaking the codes referring to leaking classified information to non qualified individuals such as the media. I watched as a Lt. Colonel tried to direct a Congressman who is a civilian, that he was to refer to him by his rank. This in itself is another no no according to the Uniform code of Military Justice.

The saddest part of all of the testimony from this service member is the media rushing to defend him as a hero, as someone who is above fault because of his service. I am here to tell you that this man is not above criticism, in fact, he should be held to a higher standard because he represents the military! All throughout the previous Commander and Chief Barrack Obama, we watched as dozens of military members leaked information to reporters or wikileaks and so on.

Every single one of these persons were prosecuted, and sent to jail. These military members were smeared, and slandered on every msm channel imaginable. Now we have this Lt. Col. Vindman being heralded as a national hero for doing the same acts, and he’s now a hero?

I know most of you have seen through this sham of an investigation the DNC is running, but if you have any friends who are not awake to the insanity circus happening in D.C., please send them this commentary.

I will list below numerous military members who were sentenced under President Obama.

There are many, many more along the line who have been sentenced, you start to get the picture I am trying to paint for you fellow Patriots!

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