Look What Country Is FINALLY Allowing Their Citizens To Defend Themselves Against Terrorists!

America has been facing an all-out assault by the left for years thanks to Obama and his desire to ban guns and erase the Second Amendment from the Constitution. Since Obama’s initial call to action, liberals have been foaming at the mouth claiming that “guns destroy lives” and stating all of America’s problems will be solved if we simply ban them outright. It is now a well-known fact that liberalism is a mental disorder and they are so ass-backward it is unbelievable. This is why we cannot allow Democrats to ever have complete power again. They are willing to throw our freedoms and rights out the window for the sake of political correctness.

Meanwhile, in the Czech Republic, the sentiments are quite different. They believe that the only way to combat the rise in terrorism is to arm their citizens and fight back against the threat. How will liberals respond to this bold claim? Either way, it’s happening and the Lower House of the Czech Parliament voted on Wednesday to put guns in the hands of Czech citizens arguing that it is the only way to combat terrorism.

According to Sputnik News, yesterday, 139 out of 168 deputies voted in favor of the amendment, “which was proposed by Interior Minister Milan Chovanec of the Czech Social Democratic Party.”

“We do not want to disarm our own people at a time when the security situation is deteriorating,” Chovanec reportedly said during yesterday’s parliamentary debate on the matter.

In response to claims that more guns might lead to more attacks, Chovanec reportedly added, “show me a single terrorist attack in Europe perpetrated using a legally-owned weapon.”

According to Sputnik, Chovanec’s amendment proposal comes following an EU directive, created following the terror attacks in Paris and Brussels and passed in April, to clamp down on firearm usage.

Consilium.Europa.eu quotes Maltese Minister for Home Affairs and National Security Carmelo Abela as stating, “the new Firearms Directive provides for more rigorous controls on the acquisition and possession of firearms, in particular so that legitimate channels and regulatory set-ups for the acquisition and possession of firearms are not abused by criminal groups or terrorists.”

According to Sputnik, “the directive was criticized by politicians, gun owners and hunters in the Czech Republic, who argue the directive is an infringement of national sovereignty and their right to bear arms.”

Should the Czech Republic’s amendment be passed by the Senate and President, it will push back against the EU’s directive, allowing the roughly 360,000 licensed gun owners in the country – a figure shared by Sputnik – “to carry their weapons in public and use them in case of a public order emergency, such as terrorism.”

The Czech government has also vowed to file a formal complaint over the EU’s directive by August 17.

The Czech Republic’s President, Miloš Zeman, has traditionally displayed extreme caution in regards to the threat of terror.

The Czech Republic realizes just how dangerous the threat of terrorism is, after all, they are in the thick of the action thanks to European policies that allow migrants to flood into their lands without any vetting. America would be wise to pay attention to what is happening overseas because if Democrats have their way, the U.S. will be facing this very same threat. Fortunately, we have a President that is willing to fight for American people and will not hand our country over to the enemy. That is what America is all about and that is what we will continue to be. What do you think?

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