WOW: George Soros Says Obama Was His ‘Greatest Disappointment’

Liberal billionaire George Soros opened up in an interview with The New York Timesabout his thoughts on former President Obama, noting that he was “actually my greatest disappointment.”

Soros’s aide quickly urged him to clarify that his disappointment was on a “professional level,” however, and was not a statement about his presidency.

Rather, he had hoped Obama, whom he was an early supporter of, would seek his advice on economic and financial issues.

But he didn’t.

“He closed the door on me,” Soros told the Times about Obama after he was elected. “He made one phone call thanking me for my support, which was meant to last for five minutes, and I engaged him, and he had to spend another three minutes with me, so I dragged it out to eight minutes.”

Soros added: “He was someone who was known from the time when he was competing for the editorship of The Harvard Law Review to take his supporters for granted and to woo his opponents.”

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