CRIMINAL ILLEGALS Learn Harsh Lesson At The Top Of Trump’s Beautiful Border Wall!

If people have fences around their houses and locks on their doors, they shouldn’t have a problem with a wall at the Mexican border.

It’s how you keep out or at least slow down the chance of someone trying to commit a crime against your property.

For example, there is a small college in the town I live, and recently they installed about a four-foot tall fence around the property. It wasn’t because they hate people, it’s because they have students living on campus that they wanted to protect.

People were coming on the property late in the evening that were not supposed to be there and they needed to do something about it. Personally, I am waiting for the first person to get caught and what their excuse is.

One of the primary critiques of President Donald Trump’s new border wall is that such a barrier would be ineffective at achieving the stated goal of increasing security.

Specifically, some critics have ludicrously claimed that barriers at the border won’t stop drug traffickers and illegal aliens from entering the country. They argue that at best it would be little more than a costly hindrance that could be rapidly overcome.

This week, however, three illegal aliens from Mexico learned the hard way that the border wall critics were incredibly wrong in that assessment.

The trio of interlopers attempting to sneak into the country ended up trapped atop a section of the 30-foot-tall fence in the San Diego, California, area on Sunday, The Washington Times reported.

After U.S. Border Patrol agents spotted the three perched atop the tall wall, and with an assist from the San Diego Fire Department, they were promptly helped down from the precarious position and taken into custody.

According to a Tuesday news release from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency, the three individuals had attempted to use the cover of a dense fog in the area to illegally enter the United States on Sunday night.

Unfortunately for them, after reaching the top of the 30-foot steel wall near Otay Mesa, the three intruders found that they were unable to safely descend to the other side of the fence due to the wet and slippery condition of the mist-slicked steel.

Making matters worse for them, it also appeared that they had been abandoned and left atop the wall by whoever had initially assisted their attempt to smuggle themselves across the border.

Once safely lowered from the top of the wall, the three individuals — a man and two women — were questioned and discovered to be Mexican nationals who’d illegally entered the country. At that point, they were taken into custody and transported to the nearest Border Patrol station for processing.

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