Bloomberg Wants To Buy The Presidency

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg thinks he has enough money to buy the oval office, and he’s willing to spend every dime of it just to take the job away from President Donald Trump.

Conservatives say that only goes to show what a great job President Trump is doing. Seeing him annoy the far-left that much makes patriotic nationalists jump for joy. The big problem is that there are an awful lot of undecided Republicans out there, who listen to what the mainstream media bombards them with.

Bloomberg’s “number one priority” is to oust Donald Trump, he told Reuters Saturday. “I’m spending all my money to get rid of Trump.” The former New York City mayor allowed reporters to ride on his campaign bus as it sped across Texas.

Forbes confirms that Bloomberg definitely has the cash on hand, listing him as the eighth-richest American. Even his rival Democrats are accusing him of trying to buy the election. After all, what’s the point of campaigning, if all it takes to become president is the biggest pile of cash.

Senator Pocahontas Warren, who makes a big deal about getting money out of politics, went ballistic when she heard about his campaign launching “$37-million TV advertising blitz.” She directly accused her rival candidate “of trying to buy American democracy.”

Bloomberg isn’t phased. “These are just political things they say, hoping they catch on and they don’t like me doing it, because it competes with them, not because it’s bad policy.”

Bloomberg waited until after the first six Democrat party debates before he threw his hat into the ring. He entered the charts in the fifth place position trailing Biden, Sanders, Warren and Buttigieg.

He wanted moderate Democrats to see what a circus the far-left progressive socialists would display, so that America would be firmly convinced that all four “are too liberal to beat Trump.”

Bloomberg is on a big game hunt for RINO’s. “One of the reasons I’m reasonably confident I could beat Trump is I would be acceptable to the moderate Republicans you have to have.”

Bloomberg thinks that moderates will be willing to overlook the fact he’s a turncoat, who sold out the Republican party and converted to Democrat. He made his fortune peddling the inside trading dope on Wall Street like he was the legal version of a Miami cocaine kingpin.

He realizes he needs to find traitors like himself, ready to sell out their principles at the drop of a million dollar advertising spot.

Instead of a rat, he prefers to identify as stylishly “Bi-Partisan.” He told his captive audience on Saturday that “his bipartisan nature made it more likely he could deliver on his pledges to expand health insurance coverage, fight climate change and reduce gun violence.” That’s going to sit real well with the Second Amendment folks.

“Whether you like it or not, you can’t win the election unless you get moderate Republicans to cross the line. The others are much too liberal for them and they would certainly vote for Donald Trump.”

Bloomberg isn’t going to waste his time on the four February nomination races in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina. Instead, he’ll be waging a coast-to-coast marketing assault.

He wants to capture Texas and the state’s numerous delegates on Super Tuesday. That’s why he’s burning the pavement to events from San Antonio, to Austin, then Dallas.

His speeches weren’t packing them in. Reuters notes, “modest crowds of no more than a few hundred in Austin and fewer still in San Antonio.” However, his TV ads are already paying off.

“Many who attended,” Reuters writes, “said they were independents or former Trump supporters who had learned about Bloomberg through his massive advertising campaign.”

Bloomberg has been saturating the airwaves with his message both in Texas and across the nation. According to political scientist Mark Jones, in the top four Texas media markets, the latecomer “spent more than $15 million on television ads through mid-January.”

That degree of spending left all the other Democrat candidates in the dust. So far, he has spent more than all the front-runners combined.

Trump and Bloomberg will both be running 60 second ads during this year’s Super Bowl. “You can’t get to 330 million people by shaking hands. Television is still the magic medium,” Bloomberg grins.

“If the Super Bowl wasn’t a place to get to an awful lot of people they wouldn’t be charging a lot, or nobody would be paying it. This is capitalism at work.” At work to bring you socialism.

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