TEXAS GOV ABBOTT Has Finally SHUT THE DOOR On Every Illegal “Refugee”! STATE’S CLOSED!

You can only fit so many people in one house.

For example, when our niece was pregnant a few years ago with her baby, we decided to throw one of those gender reveal parties where they find out whether or not it is going to be a boy or a girl b cutting open the cake and seeing what color it is.

It was a fun time, but we didn’t exactly understand how many people were going to be coming over. We weren’t exactly bottoms to elbows, but it was getting pretty close. Several months later, when it came time for the baby shower, we had a different idea.

We rented out a banquet hall at a really nice place in town that could hold somewhere around double the people that we thought were going to be there. The moral of the story here is that your own home can only hold so much and eventually you have to say “no more” to letting people in.

In the battle over America’s borders, Vermont is asking the federal government for more refugees while Texas is demanding that Washington fix a flawed immigration system before it opens its doors again.

Last year, President Donald Trump issued an executive order that gave states the power to opt out of the federal system of resettling refugees.

Republican Vermont Gov. Phil Scott responded by sending the Trump administration a letter calling for more refugees than the Green Mountain State currently gets, according to the Burlington Free Press.

“Since 1989, Vermont has welcomed almost 8,000 refugees,” Scott wrote in his letter. “Vermont’s refugee communities have made countless contributions to our state.”

Saying refugees are important to ensure the state has workers, the governor called for an extra helping.

“Prior to 2017, Vermont was resettling an average of approximately 324 refugees per year,” Scott wrote. “Through this consent process I hope to increase current resettlement to the level of 324-350 individuals annually. Vermont has never conditioned and will never condition refugee resettlement on a refugee’s race, ethnicity, religion or national origin.”

Meanwhile, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said his state — on the front lines of the battle against illegal immigration — has had enough, making it the first state to use the powers granted by Trump and opt out of the resettlement pipeline, KTVT-TV reported.

Abbott, in a letter to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday, noted that Texas has been a major destination for refugees for many years.

“Texas is one of the most welcoming states for refugees seeking to escape dangers abroad. Since FY2010, more refugees have been received in Texas than in any other state. In fact, over that decade, roughly 10% of all refugees resettled in the United States have been placed in Texas. Even today, the process of resettling continues for many of these refugees,” he wrote.

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