LIBERALS HATE YOU, and they are not even trying to hide it now.

World War 3 was trending on Twitter and social media this time last week after President Trump used a drone strike to eliminate one of the worst human’s on earth. A short time after this we saw Iran sent some missiles into one of our bases in Iraq.

Luckily no lives were lost in this attack on the air base. This attack on the air base now appears to be more of a distraction from the real attack on an airliner filled with over 100 innocent passengers.

Three days ago, MSM was reporting that officials from Tehran have said the flight was “misidentified” as a cruise missile. Myself and some other Veterans were texting after hearing this, and wondering how far will the DNC go into crazy town for this event? One suggested they would call the protesters trouble makers, and or terrorists attempting to over throw the Mullahs and their regime.

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, Speaker Pelosi got us off on a great ride on the crazy train this week with her comments Sunday in her interview on the propaganda show from ABC calls ” This Week With George Stephanopoulos.” In this weeks episode, Speaker Nancy was asked about the jet liner being shot down by the regime and the protesters. Speaker Pelosi was so bold to say they were not protesting the regime, but more so angry over the death of their friends.


This bold faced lie was even somewhat questioned by Stephenopoulos. Speaker Pelosi shrugged it off and poorly tried to deflect to remain firm in her pathetic lies. Speaker Pelosi topped the crazy sundae off with the cherry saying ” the Iranian’s shouldn’t have been flying civilian flights at that time.” This is the equivalent of saying a rape victim shouldn’t have dressed a certain way, or as we have seen with Red Hat’s for Trump supporters being beaten for wearing their MAGA hats.

We also saw this weekend a staffer from the Sander’s Presidential campaign release a video of former Vice President Biden voicing his support for then President George W. Bush after 9/11. In this video, Biden called for Democrats and Americans to rally together and put our differences aside much like the Christmas Truce of 1914 in World War 1.


Why does this matter you ask? Senator Sanders and company are walking in lock step with the sludge of the swamp saying there can be no time’s it’s acceptable to have peace with people like you and I. These people hate you and I so much, they are now telling you they would rather tear this great country apart to see you suffer, then join together to defeat evil like the Ayatollahs in Tehran. Take a step back and read this all over again, chew this all up before you swallow these bites of insanity. In the midst of a WORLD WAR, Peace among the fighting forces was sought out on the ugliest war to ever be fought in our human history. Yet here we are with Comrade Bernie and company telling us that no such peach is possible anymore.

I am not going to sit here and advocate we take up arms against the DNC, or never find a common ground so that we turn our country to another civil war. A true warrior will NEVER seek out violence, but use it as a last resort. Friend’s, Patriots, we truly are living in volatile times of our country that we haven’t seen in a long time.


I highly encourage you to be prepared in your training. Ensure you are prepared for whatever we may see come down the line as we draw nearer to the coming 2020 elections. I hope we don’t see violence escalate for political reasons, but my gut tells me it is only about to get uglier out there.

Stay Sharp! Be ready!

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