The SECRET behind health care control.

Another day, another news cycle about how we need guarantee everyone has access to health care. It wasn’t until recently that it dawned on me why the government wants control of this sector of business. We all know they want to get a hold of it for population control, who lives, and who dies. However, there is another reason that is on the horizon we haven’t been paying much attention to. Instead we are so focused on the aspect of they don’t belong in health care, which is absolutely true and Constitutionally correct! These corrupt, control hungry Senators and Congress want health care because they are afraid they will lose control! Right now in medical labs across the world, scientists, doctors, and program engineers are creating Artificial Intelligence to diagnose you in your home!

It was only a couple years ago we had a bill called Net Neutrality come down on us during the previous President Obama. Most didn’t understand why or even where this bill came from to begin with. This bill that was written by engineers from Google, yes Google, the company that is helping China censor it’s people. The same Google participating in censoring us American voices fighting to bring you the truth! The same Google that has been caught on camera by our good friends Project Veritas admitting to heinous offenses against Conservatives and non Democrats. The Net Neutrality bill intent was to give Government more access and control over the internet as a whole. While they will never come out and admit they want to control the internet, that is exactly what they want to do. The internet is the last frontier in Free Speech and a Free Media that is not controlled by their swampy mud covered hands. It is the one place we can all go to find out stuff they are not force feeding us by their state controlled media centers also know as the main stream media.

Now imagine the this advance in health care with artificial intelligence. Your grandma who is having trouble seeing and probably shouldn’t be driving, will soon be able to pick up her smart phone, or her tablet and get a diagnoses from her couch. You wake up one day and you are not feeling too well. So you pull up your phone, and instead of going to Google or webmd, there is now this app to find out if you have go to work, or send in a sick notice to work. Think about the single parents who can’t afford to go to the doctor, so they are using the Emergency Department at the local hospital to have it covered by tax dollars. This technology would enable her and her family to find out what is wrong with them, and get a prescription to be filled to help them get healthy.

The likes of Senator Sanders and Warren are scared that they won’t be able to control the doctors, insurance companies and medical industry if this technology is rolled out by independent companies across the world. The end game for all good communists is total and ultimate control of everything. This is why we hear them daily do the same old song and dance on gun control, health care control, internet control and so on. We were never created or designed to be drones/slaves for others to get fat off of our work. Government is in place to be the sword of Justice and promote that which is good for the nation. Nothing more, and nothing less is to be done by them. This is what the Framers of the Constitution understood and spoke about in hundreds of writings to each other.

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