The Neighbors Kept Hearing Screaming, What The Police Saw Made Them VOMIT!

It’s downright sickening the depts that some people can get to in this day and age.

I’m not naive enough to think that things like abuse did not go on in days gone by, it’s just that we are now so aware of it all the time.

People that abuse children need to be dealt with in the harshest manner possible.

Thankfully, there are some folks that are willing to help these poor kids.

When neighbors heard the screams of a little girl, they could not ignore it.

The child was screaming as if her world was going to end. Thankfully, these neighbors did the right thing and called the police. But when the cops arrived for the welfare check, they found the little girl chained to the bed, starving to death, inside the filthy “house of horrors.”

Images of the abused and neglected child, with her face blurred, have been published to the internet.

These photos show the horrific details of the girl’s entrapment inside the property in Mexico. Although her name remains unreleased, you can see that she was locked to the bed with a rusty metal chain. She had no way of escaping unless she dragged the wooden frame of the bed with her.

The prosecutor’s office for the San Luis Postosi state said that the Children and Adolescents Protection group was still on the hunt for the girl’s parents. The child was estimated to be about five-years-old and has no idea where her parents are. Authorities have been hunting for them since they came across the girl inside the house of horrors earlier this month.

Neighbors in the town of El Refugio alerted authorities to the possible child endangerment issue when they heard strange noises and screams coming from the property. El Refugio is a town that’s part of the municipality of Ciudad Fernandez.

Ciudad Fernandez Municipal Police rescued the girl on January 3, 2020. Police Director Alfredo Farias Carmona told the press that the girl was in stable condition.

However, the child had suffered bruises on her legs because of the rusty chain that held her enslaved. She was taken to the hospital for both a physical and psychological evaluation.

Investigators found a small buck left in the small room, which the child was supposed to use as a toilet. It does not seem that she was left with any food. The room was littered with dirty fabrics and garbage.

Currently, the little girl is under the protective custody of the Ciudad Fernandez State System for Integral Family Development. If and when her parents are found, the girl might be reunited with them – unless they were the reason she was chained to the bed inside the dirty house of horrors.

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