Piers Morgan Back In The News After Making Statement That Has The Media Going Crazy

In today’s cancel culture, no one is safe to voice an idea, joke, opinion, that doesn’t fall in line with the rainbow jihadists. They do not care who you are, or how much you have virtue signaled in favor of them and their ideas. You absolutely must be willing to fully assimilate, or become dust and lose everything. Some of you might understand the Star Trek reference of the Klingon take no Prisoners. That is what we are dealing with in the rainbow jihad movement.

No friend of the Conservative movement Piers Morgan has come under fire recently for his remarks in regards to a claim from a BBC film touting “there are over 100 different genders.” Most of us have come to know the liberal nut job Morgan for his nightly rants against American’s and guns. Some of you might even know him and like him from his time on Britain’s got talent as one of the judges. Whatever the case may be, Mr. Morgan is very much against everything we stand for up to this point in time. While in an interview with his talk show  Good Morning Britain” he shot back at his interviewee and activist, Benjamin Butterworth, who signed the petition, “It only takes me to say on television, get away from this, this control freakery stuff that no one’s allowed to challenge it. If it’s to me that says that, I’m gonna say it. And you’re not gonna stop me. And you’re not gonna get me fired, You’re not.”He continued on his rant saying “You want to fire me because you want me to think how you think. And my problem about liberals today is they’ve become so illiberal, they’re only interested in making other people agree with them and think like them. And if they don’t, they no-platform them; they ban them; they cancel them; they sign petitions to get people fired, and it is utter nonsense.” Morgan has seemingly taken a strong stance on individual thought along with freedom of press, and freedom of speech.

Piers Morgan (AFP Photo / Ramin Talaie)

The saddest part in all of this, is no one cared when we were removed from social media giants where most of you found us and connected with us. No one cared when they went after “extremists” like Alex Jones and company. Now they are attacking those who they worship for telling us we are evil for owning guns. Make no mistake my fellow Patriots, progressivism is a cancer that kills EVERYTHING in it’s path. This includes all who bring it is as a host.

This is just another run on a increasing line of public individuals who are fully embracing one of my favorite quotes “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” -Batman

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