One thing about this sham of an impeachment trial that some people don’t think to understand is that these aren’t always these long, drawn-out affairs.

If truth be told, sometimes a trial can be terribly short in context.

For example, I was once on a trial that when the jury was seated it was maybe a day and a half long including deliberations. It was an embezzlement trial where the only way we could have had more evidence of guilt is when we were sitting next to the guy while he was doing the stealing.

Facts are for Democrats is that they just don’t have anything credible.

A Democratic push to force Republicans to accept witnesses at President Trump’s impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate appeared to be flagging on Wednesday, raising the possibility the president could be acquitted as early as Friday.

As senators spent the day posing questions to both the Trump legal team and the Democratic managers of the trial, the White House objected to the planned publication of a book by former national security adviser John Bolton in which he is said to have depicted Trump as playing a central role in pressuring Ukraine to investigate Democratic rival Joe Biden.

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U.S. Senator John Barrasso, the No. 3 Republican in seniority, said it was possible the trial could end on Friday without Democrats achieving their goal of having witnesses called to testify.

“The momentum is clearly in the direction of moving to final judgment on Friday. That vote will be Friday. We still have a couple of members who said they want to listen to the answers to questions, but that’s where the momentum is,” Barrasso said.

Asked when on Friday the vote might take place to settle the debate over witnesses and move to either acquit or convict Trump, Barrasso said probably Friday afternoon or late that day.

Other Republican senators were predicting a similar outcome in conversations with reporters during breaks in the trial on Wednesday.

Democrats have sought to persuade at least four Republican senators to vote with them in favor of witnesses to assure a majority vote in the Republican-controlled 100-seat Senate. The Democratic-led House of Representatives approved the two articles of impeachment in December.

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