What Makes America Great — Kids Know!

Nothing makes New World Order globalists angrier than patriotic displays of nationalism. President Donald Trump infuriated the left when he selected “Make America Great Again” as his 2016 campaign slogan. They hated it so much that he revised it to outrage them even more this year. Now that President Trump’s policies are paying off, he wants to “Keep America Great.”

What’s so great about America? the left counters, every Hollywood celebrity, lesbian soccer star, and network talk show host went on the offensive, finding ways to nit-pick and poke holes in anything anyone can come up with that shows what a great country America is. The good old days were only good for white people who live a Leave It To Beaver fantasy world where there’s no place for LGBTQ types or people of color.

Kids bring a fresh perspective, untarnished by liberal cynicism, as the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization proved by their student essay contest. This year’s theme is “What Makes America Great.”

Licking Memorial VFW Post 6337 just published the winners from their chapter’s contest in the nationwide competition. Post Commander Billie Krewson presented the awards, noting that even the ones that didn’t get picked for prizes still “showed the diversity of our community and how youth with family veterans had a different perspective on what ‘greatness’ actually meant.” He praised the youngsters for expressing “that veterans and the military had fought and died or been willing to do so to make America great.”

The sponsored nationwide competition starts out at the local post level “and continues to a regional/district level, state and a national level.” There are prizes and awards at each level, with a scholarship awarded at the national level.

The competition is broken into two age groups with grades 9 through 12 in the “VFW Voice of Democracy” contest and the 6th through 8th graders in a “Patriot’s Pen” competition. What they wrote was amazing.

First Place winner for Houston High School, Madison Graeff writes, “Sure, America might have her flaws, but what country doesn’t? What matters is that in times of crisis, we put aside our differences and come together to fight the common evil.” She bases her essay on several instances of how Americans came together in adversity, concluding, “In every United States citizens’ hearts is good and a sense of pride to be part of something bigger than themselves, so it is no surprise that everyone wants to protect that. When times call for it, we all help out one another and every little action helps. And, that is what makes America a great country to live in and to be a part of.”

The first place winner for the younger set was Finley Sullins of Licking High School. “Benjamin Franklin uses the words rising and setting to show that he did not know if the sun symbolized the end or the beginning of the United States of America. Now we know that it was only the opening for many great things for the United States. What makes America great is its bravery and helpfulness that brings many opportunities for its citizens.” Along with bravery, Finley pens, “comes sacrifice. Some people show bravery by fighting in wars and risking their lives. Those people leave behind loved ones. Some people must make difficult decisions that could determine whether they win or lose the battle. It takes bravery to not give up, let go, and lose hope but to stand strong and have faith instead. America is the country it is today because of this bravery and sacrifice.”

In America, “We don’t have one set course for our lives. We get to choose our jobs and to be ourselves. In the United States, you have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In some countries, they choose the life for their citizens. They decide what their job will be and when they retire. Their lives are controlled, but here we have the freedom to make choices.”

Exchange student Miloz Lyczak earned an honorable mention for his perspective, even though he was ineligible to compete. For him, there’s no doubt about it. “In my opinion, America stands out from all the other countries with quite a few aspects. You can’t really compare it to any other place on the planet as all the states are different from each other. If you visited three different states in three different regions of America, you would experience completely different cultures, foods, and traditions.”

“We can use Missouri and Colorado as a comparison; if you spent a year in both of these states, you would think you spent two years in separate countries that are far away from each other. Different weather, different landforms, different people, a completely different place. It’s not possible to summarize this country in a single sentence or paragraph as it’s just too complex and interesting to do so.”

Those are just a small sample, you can read all of the winning essays here.

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